Chengdu Eurari Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2008, Chengdu Eurari Technology Co., Ltd. is devoted to providing professional electrical insulating material and adhesive products for customers in the line of mechanical and electrical field, and also offering the differentiated overall solutions for varied customers. By working hard in such a professional field, we have gained the support from a lot of branded companies, which is also the basis why we could offer the long term high-quality products and service. We are the authorized dealer of 3M electrical insulation products, and also the reliable cooperation partner of Hekel Loctite, and H.B. Fuller Tonsan new material.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of intelligent equipment, and also combined with our in-depth understanding of mechanical and electrical industry, Eurari is working hard to provide the high quality and customized solutions for intelligent equipment manufacturers, electronics, industrial and consumer automation equipment manufacturers. Eurari's products have become the best choice of a variety of equipment solutions, including a variety of permanent magnet DC motor, brushless DC motor, reduction (gearbox) motor, driver, stepper motor, coreless motor, micro coin motor , micro cylinder motor , liner motor and also the high quality standardize control component.

We sincerely hope that Eurari could establish a long term cooperation relationship with our customers, and adhering to the principle of creating value for customers.